Our Concept

  • Staying healthy and being useful to the family and community has always been of paramount importance in the set of values of the average Nigerian individual. However, economics and the realities of socialized medical care has created a literally unhealthy situation with the inexorable rise in the cost of living, resulting in healthcare becoming expensive, what with the increase in doctors' fees, hospital treatment, and medicine -- not to mention the hazards of being refused admission due to lack of funds to pay the deposit.
  • Because disposable income shrinks in response to the demands of larger cash outlays for basics, even the budgeting of this income for health care invariably becomes insufficient when emergencies arise. Thus, prolonged hospitalization causes distress when the bills start piling up.
  • To answer the unending rise in the cost of medical services, the concept of a Health Maintenance Organization surfaced with a comprehensive prepaid health care membership program that would cover all the health needs of an individual.
  • Now, Nigerian can enjoy comprehensive year-round health care, from out-patient consultation to hospitalization, and full-scale medical management - for a pre-determined fee, which because of the economics of scale and integration of key services and facilities, result in a monthly expense that is reasonable and affordable.
  • MMSL ensures the continued success and impact of the prepaid health care concept by applying innovative techniques to cost control, tempered with sound management experience and expertise. A high-powered and winning formula in any language.