Frequently Asked Question

  • Getting started
    How do I buy Marina medical HMO Health Insurance?
    If you are interested in buying health insurance for your company, please email to request a quote or call 08144814021
    You can also always connect with Care Centre agent who will be happy to help you purchase insurance.
    Telephone: 08144814021
    Whatsapp: 08144814021
    How do I select a Hospital?
    You select your primary hospital from a list of available hospitals when you are filling out the enrolment form. It is best you choose a hospital close to your home, place of work or anywhere you deem convenient.
    Accessing care
    Do I need to call you first before I go to the hospital?
    No, you do not. Walk confidently into your chosen hospital, show your ID card and you will be attended to. If you ever face any issues in the hospital, reach out to us immediately.
    Can I change my hospital at any time I desire?
    Yes. you can freely access care in any hospital you selected based on your insurance plan.
    Can I visit any hospital when I travel to other states?
    Yes. You are allowed to visit all hospitals in the MMSL HMO network that are available on your insurance plan. You can check the list of network hospitals and clinics near.
    Does my HMO ID card guarantee access to care?
    Absolutely! If you present the MMSL HMO ID card at your chosen hospital, you will receive care so long as your insurance is valid and you are eligible and covered for the service you need to receive in the hospital.
    If you ever face any issues in the hospital, immediately reach out to us through our contact details at the bottom of this page.
    Do you have a plan for pregnant women?
    Yes, we do. However, it is only available on request. Please send an email to to get a quote.
    Additional information
    Can I cancel my insurance at any time?
    We’re sorry to see you go and would encourage you to continue to pay your premiums to enjoy top-notch health insurance. However, if you would like to cancel your insurance, you can do so at any time and we will only cover you for the period you have paid.
    You can renew your insurance after cancellation, however, there will be a 2-week wait period before your coverage will commence for the period you paid for. Finally, if you made use of the insurance before cancellation, there may be an increase in your premium at renewal.
    Contacting us
    How do I contact Marina HMO?
    If you need to speak to us about your health benefits, payment, enrolment, insurance plans or any other issue at all, a Reliance Care Centre agent is available 24 hours a day to answer you. You can easily reach out to us via
    Telephone: 08144814021
    Whatsapp: 08144814021